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We offer more than traditional softgels. Softigel services include everything from a single unit dosage form, to multiple delivery systems in a single dose.

Softgel development partner

We are your ideal partner for the development of softgels for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Our softgels are pharmaceutically acceptable for oral use
  • Softigel products are sufficiently soluble to dissolve a given dose in a small volume
  • We produce a fill formulation that is stable and compatible with shell materials
  • Softigel prevents precipitation of solubilised compounds during manufacturing, shelf-life, as well as upon contact with the aqueous environment in vitro (dissolution) and in vivo (GIT)
  • One or two colours available
  • Ribbon printing
  • Softigel’s in-house workshop allows for the manufacture of molds, machines and spare parts


Soft gelatin capsule – Unigel ™

Unigel is a unique oral dosage form that allows having tablets, capsules, granules or pellets inside a single, larger soft gelatin capsule. It is the only patented technology for fixed dose combinations which incorporates the benefits of soft gelatin capsules.

Softgels for clinical studies – G-tabs™

G-tabs provide patented technology for tablets coated with a one or two-toned colour gelatin, printed or not printed.

G-tabs have the following beneficial characterisitics:

  • Mask unpleasant flavours and/or odours
  • Enable easy swallowing

They are also ideal for the following applications:

  • APIs that can irritate the esophageal mucosa when they are incorporated in an immediate release tablet, such as bisphosphonates
  • Double blind clinical studies
  • Improving stability of photosensitive APIs, preventing counterfeiting, custom-branding, easy recognition of tampering


Softgels free from animal derivatives – Versagels™

Versagels are polysaccharide-based soft shell capsules, free from animal derivatives which contain carrageenan, modified starch, plasticizers and water.

Versagels create opportunities to bring more products to market, better acceptance by religious and vegetarian groups, as well as compatibility with a broader range of high pH fill formulations.


Chewable softgels

Softigel chewable softgels come in different shapes and flavours, offering a solution and line extension to existing products. The benefits of chewable softgels include:

  • Convenient administration without water
  • Portable dosage form that eliminates messy liquids
  • Pleasant taste, helping to mask tastes and odours
  • The ability to be formulated into a range of textures
  • Numerous nutritional benefits, such as improving health and increasing acceptance by patients, adults, pets and children


Enteric coated softgels

Enteric coated softgels is the best way to stabilize acid-sensitive drug products, improve tolerance, delay onset of action, as well as reduce poor aftertaste. Enteric coated softgels protect acid-labile APIs, and avoid gastric irritation and reflux. This is because the API is not delivered in the stomach – instead, it targets drug delivery in the small intestine which is preferred to treat intestinal disease.


Twist-off capsules

Soft gelatin capsules with twist-off caps enable access to a measured dose for topical and oral applications.


Hard gelatin capsules

Capsules where the shell is composed of two pieces – a body and a cap, contain either a blend of powders or liquid fill formulations. Hard capsules can be filled with formulations that have a variety of physical properties, from dry solids to non-aqueous solutions.

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