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Hard Gelatin Capsules: Capsules in which the shell is made up by two pieces: A body and a cap containing either a blend of powders or liquid fill formulations. The formulator is able to prepare products that have the desired release characteristics, a rapid, controlled or modified release. Hard capsules can be filled with formulations that have a wide range of physical properties, from dry solids to non-aqueous solutions.

Tablets: A mixture of active substances and excipients, usually in powder form, pressed or compacted from a powder into a solid dose.

Advantages of Tablets:

  • Greatest dose precision and least content variability
  • Lower cost – better suited for large scale production
  • Easier to package and ship
  • Product identification is simpler
  • Enteric or delayed release
  • Tamperproof: difficult to alter

Powders: A substance consisting of ground, pulverized, or otherwise finely dispersed solid particles, that can contain drug compounds or nutritional products as functional foods.

Advantages of Powders:

  • No compression/encapsulation/ coating needed – less time consuming
  • No size limitations
  • Great flavors
  • Ideal for patients with difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets
  • Special for children and infants

Steriles: Steriles Suspensions and Solutions Manufactured with great Precision Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to offer a diverse range of critical care products for hospital use, including antibiotics with segregated facilities for betalactamics and cephalosporins. We manufacture sterile pharmaceutical solutions and suspensions for human use in the following packaging formats:

Prefilled Syringes: the use of prefilled syringes is a modern way to apply parenteral drugs. The benefits, compared with vial-disposable syringe concepts, are convenience and ease of handling as well as safety advantages and reduction of drug overfill.

Ampoules: a small sealed glass vial, used to contain and preserve a single dose of a sample, usually a solid or liquid. Amber or transparent glasses are available, depending on the need for light protection.

Drops: multiple doses of optic and nasal solutions packaged in plastic bottles to preserve the sterile characteristics of the contained drug. We offer special ophthalmic presentations with color-coded caps and labels for ocular medications corresponding to common therapeutic conditions, which also features a new ergonomic design for more precise dosing. Vials: small, amber or transparent glass bottles with rubber tops and an aluminium band, used for injectable multi-dose preparations.

Sterile powders for reconstitution: vials containing an antibiotic drug in powder. Adding a sterile liquid (saline solution, water for injection, or Dextrose) dissolves the powder making the drug ready to use.

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