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Softgels – The ideal Pharmaceutical Form


Softgels are an effective delivery system for oral drugs products, especially those with low solubility and/or permeability (BCS classes II,III and IV) These ingredients are mainly liquids or semisolids which are difficult to incorporate into other solid dosage forms, like tablets.


Softigel is your ideal partner for the development of soft gelatin capsules because:

  • Our softgels are pharmaceutically acceptable for oral use
  • Softigel products are sufficiently soluble to dissolve a given dose in a small volume
  • We produce a fill formulation that is stable and compatible with shell materials
  • Softigel prevents precipitation of solubilized compounds during manufacturing, shelf-life, as well as upon contact with the aqueous environment in vitro (dissolution) and in vivo (GIT)
  • One or two colors available
  • Ribbon printing
  • Softigel’s in-house workshop allows for the manufacture of molds, machines and spare parts
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