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Cryopak Industries

July 5, 2012

Cryopak and DDL are scheduled to present at this year’s Healthpack Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cryopak, leader temperature controlled package design and manufacturing, will be represented at this year’s Healthpack Conference with a presentation conducted...
pharmacuetical business review
July 5, 2012

Cryopak Introduces the Enviro-Ice Gel Pack with Biodegradable Film

Cryopak, leader in cold chain packaging, introduces their new Enviro-Ice™ Gel Pack made with a biodegradable film. Enviro-Ice™ is a...
pharmacuetical business review


Cryopak Industries

Cryopak designs and manufactures cold chain packaging solutions and refrigerants for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences shipments. They also serve the blood shipping, food packaging and fragile components electronics industries.

Shipping solutions for temperature sensitive products

As a subsidiary of TCP Reliable, they engineer cold chain shipping solutions and supply thermal packaging products that help customers safely transport their temperature sensitive products. The materials and manufacturing processes cover a full spectrum of products from insulated shippers to manufacturing phase change material, refrigerant gel packs and temperature monitors.

In October 2006, TCP Reliable acquired the assets of Cryopak Industries, a leading manufacturer of refrigerants supplying the cold chain pharma and industrial sectors as well as a complete product line focused to the retail market sector. The cold chain products of TCP Reliable and Cryopak Industries are marketed under the Cryopak, a TCP company brand.

Packaging for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and blood industries.

Cryopak products service multiple industries including life sciences, food industries, as well as the electronics industries. Cryopak helps design, test and engineer temperature controlled packaging for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and blood industries. Cold chain shipping products are needed in the life science industry to help maintain product integrity.

Cryopak manufactures gel packs, insulated shipping containers, phase change materials and temperature monitors to ensure that thermal control is maintained throughout the cold chain shipping, handling and storage process.

Cryopak has the ability to design the temperature solutions to ensure the integrity of your product

Cryopak’s line of Gels Packs and Phase Change Materials, Pre-Qualified Shipping Containers, Insulated Containers, temperature monitoring devices and data loggers offer a number of solutions for the temperature controlled food industry. From preserving fresh fruits and vegetables to refrigerated and frozen food products, Cryopak has the ability to design the temperature solutions to ensure the integrity of your product.

In addition to serving the life sciences and food markets, Cryopak designs, engineers and tests thermal packaging solutions for the electronics industry. Many electronic components, parts and applications are sensitive to major fluctuations in temperature and require that the packaging has thermal control Cryopak is able to engineer customized packaging solutions for any products that require temperature control throughout the shipping and handling stages of product distribution.


Cryopak Industries
551 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837
Ph: (732)346-9200
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6818 Jarry St. East
St. Leonard, QC H1P 1W3
(888) 423-7251

1053 Derwent Way
Delta, BC V3M 5R4
(800) 667-2532

1 rue Berthelot
76150 Maromme
+33 (0) 2 32 82 59 65

Cold Chain Insulated Pallet Shippers

Cryopak also carries a line of bulk insulated pallet shippers for greater capacity while not sacrificing product integrity. These shippers come in for different sizes and varying temperature ranges.

BulkPak Series Insulated Pallet ShippersRePak™ 2-8 Series Pallet ShippersRePak™ CRT Series Pallet ShippersPallet Transporter CRT

Insulated Thermal Shipping Containers

These rugged containers are constructed with a variety of different materials to meet the needs of all our customers. Cryopak carry many different models and sizes to accommodate various shipments.

Molded Insulated Containers (EPS)Fabricated Insulated ContainersPolyurethane Molded Containers (PUR)Tempak Plus Insulated Shipping Systems

Pre-Qualified Shipping Containers

Certain customers have their eye on the bottom line not only in terms of money but also time. Cryopak Pre-Qualified Shipping Containers are delivered to customers 100% ready for shipments. This series offers a temperature range of 2-8 Celsius from 24 hours to 96 hours.

TimeSaver™ Frozen Series Pre-Qualified ShippersTimeSaver™ 2-8° C Series Pre-Qualified ShippersTimeSaverCRT™ Series Pre-Qualified ShippersTimeSaverCN™ 2-8°C Canadian Insulated ShippersTimeSaverEU™ 2-8°C European Insulated Shippers 

Refrigerant Gel Packs & Phase Change Materials

Gel Packs are an inexpensive and convenient way of keeping your shipment within temperature range. You can have your company name, logo or a barcode printed on your gel pack. Talk to one of their sales representatives for more details. Phase 5™ changes phase at 5°C and keeps product between 2-8°C for a longer period of time.

Read more about Gel Packs & Phase 5™

Temperature Monitoring Devices

Cryopak has recently made a strategic partnership with Escort Data Loggers another TCP subsidiary to deliver many different models of temperature monitoring and data logging devices. From single use applications to multiple use data loggers these devices come in many different models, sizes, and functions to meet the needs of multiple industries.

Cryopak also offers chemical monitors that come in a variety of response temperatures and run-out times. Many temperature sensitive products lose their quality due to exposure to colder temperatures. These monitors indicate whether a product has been exposed to colder-than-acceptable conditions.Cryopak has many initiatives for offering sustainable re-usability programs to the markets that we serve.…

Thermal Package Design, Testing & Modeling

In addition to providing pre-qualified insulated shipping container solutions for temperature sensitive products, Cryopak's team of engineers can work with companies on custom thermal package designs and qualification for shipping in the cold chain environment.

Cryopak's thermal packaging design engineers work with pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and food companies to design, manufacture, test and qualify thermal packaging for products that require temperature control throughout the cold chain shipping process.Maintaining product integrity is the key motivation for many customers that work with them on a thermal package design, to fit their…
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