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Optimising CHO-S Cell Culture Medium using DoE


This case study demonstrates the optimisation of Chinese Hamster Ovary Suspension (CHO-S) cell culture medium by supplementation with non-animal-derived components using design of experiments (DoE).

The optimisation of CHO-S cell culture is studied for two different cell lines. The first part focuses on the improvement of CHO-S cell growth by addition of non-animal derived components to serum-free and protein-free media through DoE.

Eight different supplements are tested and the best results are obtained for freestyle Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) supplemented with insulin, transferrin and twin 80.

In the second part of this work, the effect of insulin as an additive to chemically defined media is studied for a CHO-S cells producing the herceptin antibody. Insulin has a positive effect on both cell growth and protein production for the three media tested: ActiCHO, CDCCHO and FortiCHO.

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