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CurTec Launches XL Nestable Drums

The new drums will help contribute positively to a sustainable supply chain, increase logistical efficiency and reduce overall cost.

Some years ago, as part of a six sigma project for operational excellence, Merck/ MSD was looking for a reusable bulk tablet container that could help them meet their sustainability and efficiency goals. CurTec designed a nestable drum for them which not only would contribute positively to a sustainable supply chain and increase logistical efficiency but also reduce their overall cost.

The Nestable Drums have become a success, especially with companies who re-use them. Reuse not only multiplies cost savings but also contributes to a sustainable supply chain.

High-volume packaging like CurTec’s Nestable Drums help maximising the amount of cargo shipped – reducing vehicle traffic and related emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. In addition to the environmental benefits of using volume-efficient packaging, Nestable Drums can reduce shipping costs by up to 30 per cent, and the reuse of drums only multiplies those savings.

Neither manufacturers nor the planet profit from shipping air, which make Nestable Drums an example of the alignment of environmental and economic goals.

CurTec can now offer six capacities ranging between 30 and 115l:

  • 30l | 8 US gal
  • 40l | 11 US gal
  • 50l | 13 US gal
  • 60l | 16 US gal
  • 75l | 20 US gal
  • 115l | 30 US gal

The Nestable Drums have been designed for the pharmaceutical industry but they also offer benefits for other products like specialty chemicals and food ingredients:

  • Compliance with food safety and migration legislation offers security
  • Hazardous solids will arrive safely at their destination
  • Valuable contents remain intact because they are well-protected against moisture, tampering and contamination
  • Screw top closure is fast and reduces the risk of work injuries
  • Cost of storing and shipping empty packaging can be reduced by up to 30%

Volume-efficient packaging is also part of CurTec’s commitment to reducing its own carbon footprint and providing its customers with solutions which are both sustainable and cost-efficient.