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Customer Need Leads to New Denny Bros Product

A new labelling solution, which came about directly to answer customer need, has been unveiled by Denny Bros.

The Print and Protect® is a new patented product from Denny Bros aimed at the healthcare, over-coding and clinical trials markets.

Print and Protect has been designed with an extra layer of laminate that can be applied over the top of the label to prevent print from rubbing off – a common problem in the world of variable data printing.

Graham Denny, managing director, said the new product was a further example of Denny Bros’ strong reputation for finding solutions to help their customers.

He explained: “Denny Bros always puts the customer first and is constantly looking for ways in which we can help solve any issues they may be facing.

“We work closely with customers, listen carefully to the challenges they are facing and then draw upon our years of experience to help solve the problems.

“This is how the Print and Protect label was developed. A customer came to us with a problem they were facing and we developed a solution to help solve it.”

The purpose of the extra laminate layer is to protect the print and stop it from rubbing off, which can be particularly problematic in healthcare or clinical trials.

It is applied once the label has been printed with variable information such as a batch number or expiry date.

The label is also designed with a perf strip to ensure it can still be opened once it has been applied, while the size of the label and number of pages can be bespoke to suit the customer.

Mr Denny added: “We have provided labels for the clinical trial and healthcare markets for a number of years and we have unrivalled expertise within this area.

“As we continue to serve these markets, we are always looking for new ways in which we can expand our product offering.”