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Denny Bros’ Green Credentials Underlined by 2019 Statistics

Denny Bros has announced a hugely positive set of statistics for 2019 that underline and further reinforce our green credentials.

The company prides itself on adopting a sensible and realistic commitment to energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.

With this in mind, we are delighted to reveal the following statistics for the last 12 months:

  • Solar input into Denny Bros doubled from 150kWh to 300MWh in May after our third phase of solar panels were installed
  • A third of our total energy consumed on-site (228,347kWh or 228MWh was made up of solar energy
  • All energy consumption on-site is now renewable after we changed our 2019/20 electric contact to a 100% renewable source
  • This complete change to renewable electricity has greatly reduced our total carbon footprint for 2019 to 120 tonnes – a significant reduction of 203 tonnes
  • Our own 2019 solar energy generation of 228MWh has resulted in an annual cost saving of £31,000
  • All Denny Bros Directors now drive either hybrid or fully electric cars

Reacting to the news, Graham Denny said: “We are delighted with these set of figures which further illustrate the commitment of Denny Bros to do all we can to make a difference to our environment.

“We are a proud family-owned business who are acutely aware of our corporate social responsibility.

“We have invested heavily to improve our energy efficiency in many areas and we have already more than halved our carbon footprint as we move to our long-term goal of being carbon neutral.”

Last year, Denny Bros further enhanced its solar panels provision after it was awarded £20,000 from Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia, a project providing advice and finance to help businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk cut their energy costs.