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New Recycled Wet Peel Product Launched Ahead of Plastic Packaging Tax

A new labelling product designed at supporting companies ahead of the UK’s new Plastic Packaging Tax has been unveiled by Denny Bros.

The new wet peel label has been made from recycled materials in keeping with the company ethos and to support a growing drive for environmentally-friendly solutions.

The renowned packaging and labelling company said the new product follows on from the success of their original wet peel labels.

Managing director Graham Denny said: “There were two main reasons for developing this product.

“Firstly, as a company, we feel a responsibility to do all we can when it comes to the environment. With this label being made from recycled materials, we feel it fits in well with our ethos.

“Secondly, it has been designed to help combat any issues faced by the Plastic Packaging Tax as it comprises entirely recycled material.

“We are always investigating different ways to meet our customer needs and initial feedback has been very positive.”

Coming into force on 1 April, the Plastic Packaging Tax applies to manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging components that contain less than 30% recycled plastic.

Graham added: “The tax is being introduced to provide an incentive for businesses to use more recycled material.

“This product is essentially an extension to our original peel and reveal labels – the only difference being the material it’s made from.

“Denny Bros has always been extremely environmentally conscious and, as a company we already have many things in place that help towards this, such as the Solar PV panels on our roof, using 100% renewable electricity and having zero waste go to landfill.

“The next step seemed an obvious one to take by looking at our products and reviewing how we can make any changes to them.

“As far as we know, this type of product offering is unique to Denny Bros.”

To find out more about the new product, please email or call 01284 701381 to speak to a member of the team and request some samples.