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Live at the CPhI China: Gerresheimer Presents Innovative Special Products for the Packaging and Administration Of Medicines

One of the most important events for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery in Asia is CPhI China. It will take place – LIVE – from 16 to 18 December 2020 in the well-known venue SNIEC Shanghai, at booth N5P21. It is the first pharmaceutical trade fair to go live again during the global pandemic situation while maintaining strict hygiene measures and health controls. Several major trade fairs have already been successfully held in China under these conditions. Thanks to Gerresheimer’s strong presence in China, a Gerresheimer team based in China will be on the stand to advise customers and potential customers.

At CPhI China Gerresheimer presents its high-quality speciality products made of glass and plastic for the international pharma and healthcare industry. Gerresheimer Shuangfeng will present its wide range of primary packaging glass: bottles, vials, ampoules and cartridges. Syringes and medical devices will be presented in the “Customized Drug Delivery Solutions” and “Gx Biological Solutions” areas. Primary Packaging Plastics will present US type containers and CR closures together with dropper bottles and monolayer COP vials.

Gx RTF Vials – sterilized and ready for filling

The Gx RTF injection vials are made of borosilicate glass type I and meet all current requirements of applicable ISO standards and pharmacopoeias (USP and Ph. Eur.). They are formed according to cGMP, washed in a clean room, packed in trays or nest and tub and sterilized. Gerresheimer offers its own packaging configurations, but also the well-known Ompi EZ-fill packaging format. This means that the vials are ready for the subsequent process steps in filling. The advantages are obvious: sterile delivery, a simplified filling and finishing process, the highest quality standards, flexibility through different packaging configurations and a wide range of filling and sealing technologies. All of these factors together ensure an improvement in overall manufacturing costs throughout the product lifecycle.

Gx Elite Vials – best quality for even more patient safety

Live at the CPhI China: Gerresheimer presents innovative special products for the packaging and administration of medicines

With the Gx Elite Vials for injection materials made of borosilicate glass (Type I) Gerresheimer presents the result of careful product development over many years. During production, glass-to-glass contacts are avoided, which ensures that the vials are highly break-resistant, have high strength and are free of cosmetic defects. They have a high dimensional accuracy; their delamination resistance protects the drug. Easy handling and various packaging options ensure that Gx Elite Vials can be delivered to various filling lines for seamless use. The result is a reduction in costs while increasing quality, as confirmed by numerous ongoing and completed tests at renowned customers.

Vials for injectables from Shuangfeng in China

Gerresheimer Shuangfeng has been supplying many well-known pharmaceutical companies with vials made of tubular glass for decades. The offer covers 1ml to 50ml vials, 1ml to 30ml ampoules in different designs as well as dental and insulin cartridges. A professional laboratory for complete glass analysis and test projects, in which extraction and leaching experiments can also be performed, is also available. The Chinese site Gerresheimer Shuangfeng produces vials, ampoules, cartridges and other special products in clear and amber.

Gx Biological Solutions: Metal-free syringes or Baked on Syringes

Biotechnologically produced active ingredients have a number of special features. Some of them are highly viscous and in some cases, they tend to interact with silicone oil or, for example, tungsten residues from syringe production. Gerresheimer offers a special metal-free syringe for these applications. Prefillable syringes are required in particular for medications based on biotechnologically produced active substances, where metal contamination is ideally ruled out. With the development of innovative and patented production technology, Gerresheimer has been able to meet this requirement and make a metal-free 1ml-long Luerlock Gx RTF syringe ready for production. They could be also delivered with baked-on siliconization.

Primary packaging plastic for drugs produced in China

Primary Packaging Plastics will be presenting Triveni US type containers and CR closures that are CDE-registered. They will be manufactured at the new plant in Changzhou, China. Dropper bottles for ophthalmic and monolayer COP vials will also be on display on the Gerresheimer stand.

All containers are supplied with various closure options, for example with tamper-evident, child-resistant and/or senior-friendly, as well as with various integrated or mounted desiccant variants and absorbents. DUMA and Triveni are well-known worldwide Gerresheimer trademarks.

Connected worldwide

The Gerresheimer plants in Asia, Europe and America work closely together in a worldwide network. They apply Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) consistently and are certified to ISO 9001. Some plants also have ISO Certificate 15378 or are even more comprehensively certified. All Gerresheimer products comply with the respective pharmacopoeias (Pharm. Eur., USP and JP).