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Gerresheimer: Annual General Meeting Backs Growth Course

The Annual General Meeting of Gerresheimer has expressed its confidence in the Management Board and Supervisory Board with regard to the growth course embarked on by the company, recording high approval rates for all agenda items. The company is paying its shareholders a dividend of € 1.25 for the past financial year 2022. At the same time, the Annual General Meeting approved the creation of new authorised and conditional capital, giving Gerresheimer the option to be flexible when financing its planned further growth. CEO Dietmar Siemssen reaffirmed the company’s forecast, with revenues and adjusted EBITDA expected to grow organically by at least 10%.

“Today, Gerresheimer is a profitable growth company — and I believe that our best years lie ahead of us,” said Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Gerresheimer: “As a provider of systems and solutions, we are a key strategic partner of the pharma and biotech industries and are growing in all areas. In particular, medical devices for biopharmaceuticals, including the new GLP-1 applications, are currently offering us excellent growth opportunities.” The company is also aiming for double-digit growth rates in revenues and adjusted EBITDA in the coming years.

Dividend of €1.25 for strong financial year 2022

The Annual General Meeting approved a dividend of €1.25 per share for the financial year 2022. This corresponds to a payout ratio of around 27% of adjusted net income, which is once again at the upper end of the 20% to 30% range defined by Gerresheimer. The dividend is to be paid out on June 12, 2023. In the financial year 2022, Gerresheimer recorded a strong performance in a challenging economic environment, generating revenues of €1.82bn and adjusted EBITDA of €354m.

High approval rates

With 81.27% of the share capital present, the Annual General Meeting adopted all resolutions by a large majority. As a result, the actions of the Management Board and Supervisory Board were approved by a large majority. Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Duesseldorf, was elected as auditor for the financial year 2023.

The detailed voting results for the items on the Annual General Meeting’s agenda are available at:

The speech by the Chief Executive Officer at the Annual General Meeting is available at:

The Annual Report is available at: