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Gerresheimer Showcases Digital Drug Delivery Solutions at Pharmapack

In July of this year, Gerresheimer acquired Sensile Medical, expanding its business model to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for drug delivery platforms with digital and electronic capabilities.

From 6-7 February, Gerresheimer will be showcasing its products at the Pharmapack in Paris with its new subsidiary Sensile Medical for the first time. Sensile Medical will be at Stand A94 and Gerresheimer at Stand B62.

Chief business officer at Sensile Sandra de Haan said: “Sensile Medical specializes in the development of key technologies for the patient-oriented delivery of liquid drugs.”

Sensile Medical’s leading position in micropump technology combined with drug delivery devices featuring electronic and connected capabilities for medical applications is progressing to market readiness in specific customer projects with pharma companies.

The company is involved with pharmaceutical companies in the early stages of drug and therapy development. Sensile Medical is to become the Development Division, covering the field of development devices for the entire Gerresheimer Group. It is already working very successfully on projects with customers to develop devices for diabetics and patients with heart disease and in other treatment areas such as Parkinson’s disease.

The micro rotary piston pump – small and precise in dosage

Sensile Medical AG has developed a new kind of patented micropump, which is the key component of all product platforms. SenseCore is small and very precise in dosage. Consisting of only two plastic parts, it can be produced at a low cost. Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, it is compatible with a variety of drugs.

Wearable micro pump certified to EU standards for Parkinson’s treatment

A wearable micropump of this type designed specifically for the treatment of Parkinson’s received the EU certificate only recently. A European pharmaceutical company has obtained the CE declaration and will now launch the product on the market. This makes it the first micropump by Gerresheimer’s subsidiary Sensile Medical to be used commercially. The micropump is used in advanced Parkinson’s treatment.

About Sensile Medical 

Founded in 2004, Sensile Medical is a Swiss medical technology company that has been a subsidiary of Gerresheimer since 2018. Working with pharmaceutical companies, it develops devices to deliver liquid drugs for the best level of treatment.

The patented SenseCore technology forms the heart of the system. The micro pump is extremely precise in dosage. The products are characterized by modularity and flexibility. Sensile Medical has a workforce of around 120 employees at its headquarters in Olten, Switzerland.