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See Gerresheimer at CPhl North America

Gerresheimer has announced it will showcase innovative primary packaging and drug administration systems at CPhl North America.

Based in booth 1227, Gerresheimer’s presence at CPhl North America will focus on primary packaging such as glass and plastic containers, as well as syringes for solid and liquid drugs and Sensile Medical’s micropump systems.

Only recently, the Chicago Athenaeum museum presented the drug delivery devices with the illustrious Good Design Award in recognition of their design.

CPhl North America will be held from April 30 to May 2 in Chicago, US.

SenseCore – reliable function with a distinctive design

Sensile Medical’s expert in SenseCore micro pump technology Gerhard Mayer said: “Gerresheimer specialises in the safe storage and administration of all kinds of medication”.

With SenseCore micro pump technology, Sensile Medical ensures the safe, simple, and precise administration of liquid drugs by the patient themselves at home or on the move, and always with absolute reliability. This injection aid is impressively simple and discreet to use and the patient does not see the needle, making it suitable for all manner of different applications. The distinctive design was developed by the British agency Team Consulting for Sensile Medical.

New eye dropper bottle system E

The new eye dropper bottle system E is available with two different cap solutions. There is the sleeved cap, which is already well known, and a cap where the tamper-evident ring stays attached to the bottle after opening.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now stipulates that the TE-ring must be firmly attached to the bottle to protect the original contents. The bottle and the dropper are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and the cap from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Round HDPE plastic containers for the US market

The Triveni containers have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the US market. The round HDPE containers are equipped with the tried-and-tested induction sealing liner to serve as TE protection and are available in 30, 50, 60, 75 and 100ml sizes.

They are manufactured and packaged in cleanrooms in International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) classes 9 and 7 and can be supplied both in small batches for preliminary development projects and clinical testing and in large volumes for marketing.

Gx InnoSafe offers greater protection against needlestick injuries

With its exposed cannula, used syringes are a source of risk at physicians’ surgeries, laboratories and hospitals worldwide.

With the Gx InnoSafe, Gerresheimer is now offering a syringe with an integrated passive safety system that prevents unintentional needlestick injuries.

Gerresheimer is producing cyclo-olefin-polymer (COP) syringes in Germany

Gerresheimer is to unveil its newly developed Gx RTF ClearJect brand, a COP syringe with a cannula.

The pre-fillable syringes are made at the German site in Pfreimd from the high-performance plastic COP and are ideally suited to demanding, sensitive medications and high-viscosity active ingredients.

Gx Elite Vials – the top of their class

The Gx Elite Vials have set new standards for type I vials made from borosilicate glass. They are the result of comprehensive optimisation of the conversion process, removing all risks that can lead to product defects during manufacturing.

Above all else, it prevents any glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal contact from when the tubular glass is made right through to the final packaging of the vials.

Ready-to-fill Gx RTF Vials 

The Gx RTF injection vials are made from type I borosilicate glass and meet all current requirements of the applicable ISO standards and pharmacopoeias. They are moulded in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), washed in a cleanroom, packed in trays or a nest and tub, and sterilised.

The Gx RTF Vials can also be supplied bearing the familiar Ompi EZ-fill packaging design. This means they are ready straight away for the next steps in the filling process. The benefits are obvious: sterile delivery, a simplified fill and finish process, the highest quality standards, flexibility thanks to various possible packaging arrangements, and a wide range of filling and sealing technologies. These all combine to reduce overall manufacturing costs across the product’s entire lifecycle.

Gerresheimer in North America and Mexico

Gerresheimer manufactures glass and plastic containers for the pharmaceutical industry at the following production sites in North America and Mexico:

  • Gerresheimer Glass, Chicago Heights Plant, Illinois – Containers made from type I clear glass are manufactured here. Its product range covers serum bottles, screw-cap bottles, IV bottles (28/32 mm necks), and various other moulded-glass bottles
  • Gerresheimer Glass, Morganton Plant, North Carolina – The Morganton plant manufactures serum vials, vials with a large outside diameter, and two-compartment vials made from type I clear and amber glass
  • Gerresheimer Glass Inc, Vineland Plant, New Jersey – The Vineland production site specialises in type I clear and amber glass, making dental and pharmaceutical cartridges
  • Gerresheimer Glass, Forrest Grove/Vineland Plant, New Jersey – Pharmaceutical containers are made here from type I clear and amber glass. Specifically, these are serum vials, vials with a large outside diameter, shell vials, speciality vials and cartridges
  • Gerresheimer Querétaro, Mexico – The Mexican plant produces out of Type I and Type III glass ampoules, serum vials, screw thread vials, ADD-Vantage vials, RTF syringes and vials, cartridges, onion-skin-tubes and speciality products
  • Centor Inc, Berlin Plant, Perrysburg, Ohio – Part of the Gerresheimer Group since 2015, Centor is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers that meet the regulatory requirements and that hold prescription-only drugs destined for end users in the US Its product portfolio includes its flagship 1-Clic vials with closure system and Screw-Loc vials with closure system as well as bottles made from recycled material, applicators, droppers, ointment containers, and other kinds of bottle. Centor supplies regional and national drugstore chains, supermarkets, and wholesalers.
  • Since May 2018 Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging produces at the Centor Berlin Plant HDPE containers for tablets under cleanroom conditions according to FDA regulations.
  • Gerresheimer Peachtree City, Medical Systems, Georgia – Established in 1993, the site in Peachtree City near Atlanta (Georgia) makes customized inhalers, test cards for microbiological testing systems, all manner of different components for devices that administer insulin, and closures for ampoules.

Gx, InnoSafe and RTF are registered trademarks of the Gerresheimer Group. Ompi EZ-fill is a registered trademark of Ompi, a Stevanato Group brand.