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Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S

Supplier of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and Recombinant Insulin Human AF

FeF Chemicals Become Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S

The name change comes as FeF Chemicals wish to find a new name that would reflect their focus and future aspirations. The new name reflects the connection to their parent company and at the same time reflects their business focus on pharma and biopharm customers.

The move has been considered over the last few decades. Novo Nordisk has discontinued all non-pharma products over the last decade to become a fully fledged pharmaceutical company.

It is the ideal name and it was a natural move to adopt Novo Nordisk in their name as this enhances the Danish companies brand recognition for insulin and cell culture. Their previous name did not reflect the portfolio of cell culture. Novo Nordisk supply technologies to the pharmaceutical market, this is reflected in ‘Pharmatech’ being added to the end of the new name.
Those at Novo Nordisk are proud to take on the new name, the name maybe new but the company remains proud of its history and culture. Their high quality service and mindset will remain. Novo will continue to focus on financial responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility which they have always held in the highest regard.

Novo Nordisk are not walking away from their long illustrious history. Nor will the change alter their products on offer; Novo Nordisk will still produce high quality products. Reliability and consistency are key components for these quality products. Novo understand the importance of consistency in the pharmaceutical business and are keen to maintain such high standards as they have done throughout their proud history.

Novo Nordisk will continue to develop products and technology to benefit customers as well as the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. They are focused on catering for all supplying products and services for the wider market, these include well tested technology that will work.

The name change brings a fresh era to Novo Nordisk however one thing remains the same as they continue to bring the highest quality products to the outside world.

Rasmus Hother le Fevre
Rasmus Hother le FevreRasmus has taken a MSc, Forestry at University of Copenhagen and afterwards studied Executive training, General Sales, Merchandising and Related Marketing Operations at Wharton Business School.
He started as a Production Planner in Novo Nordisk A/S (DAPI) in January 2000. In January 2003 he became the head of Shipping and Customer Service. In November 2004 he took up the role as Director for the purification plant responsible of purification of Insulin Levemir and Insulin Aspart. January 2006 he became the Corporate Vice President heading up the purification plant. In January 2010 he moved to Zürich to take up the challenge as Global Marketing Director head of Victoza Launch Execution Team. And in September 2012 he became the CEO & Corporate Vice President at FeF Chemicals A/S.