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Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S

Supplier of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and Recombinant Insulin Human AF

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech Now Distributing with Brenntag Specialities

By Barbara Nothstein

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S and Brenntag Specialties, Inc. (BSI), have entered into a distribution agreement for Pharmaceutical Grade Quaternary Ammonium Compounds into the Pharmaceutical, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and Personal Care Markets in the United States and Puerto Rico.

“The partnership with Novo Nordisk Pharmatech demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative solutions and differentiated value to our customers by strategically expanding our principal relationships and product lines.” said Jeff Kenton, President of Brenntag Specialties, Inc. “The product line offering from Novo Nordisk Pharmatech furthers our reach into the pharmaceutical, OTC, and personal care markets.”

novo nordisk pharmatech distributing with brenntag

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech manufactures its Pharmaceutical Grade Quaternary Ammonium Compounds in accordance with the highest cGMP standards in the market- the ICH Q7A Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

The new product offering includes:
– FeF ™ Benzalkonium Chloride and Cetrimide solutions
– FeF ™ Benzalkonium Chloride 95%
– Crystalline FeF ™ Cetrimide and FeF ™ (CTAB) Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide

An innovative synthesis process makes Novo Nordisk Pharmatech a leading supplier of crystalline quaternary ammonium compounds. They have excellent antimicrobial and surface-active properties rendering them suitable for a variety of applications. High levels of purity make them particularly suited for specialized pharmaceutical applications, such as polysaccharide vaccine production and precipitation of DNA (gene therapy) vaccines. Quaternary ammonium compounds act either as preservatives or active ingredients in many ophthalmic, nasal, oral and topical drugs and in a variety of surgical scrubs, medicated solutions, ointments and creams.

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech manufactures quaternary ammonium compounds using only high-purity tertiary amines with various alkyl chain lengths, normally ranging from C12 to C18. The properties of the quaternary ammonium compounds can vary according to the alkyl chain length, but they all offer common attributes including:

− Proven record of efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisms
− Effective through a wide pH range
− Odourless and colourless in product formulation
− Surface active / adhesive cationic agent
− Very stable, proven under ICH Q1 Stability Protocols
− Five-year shelf life

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical distribution, covers all major markets with its extensive product and service portfolio. It is headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.