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XMV – a Smart Pharmaceutical Solution in the Fight Against Counterfeiting

The new XMV Mark and Vision System is the most compact complete serialisation solution at present on the market needing only 800mm of floor space which allows a seamless integration in near to all production lines with the absolute minimum of production line re-engineering. There are two major plus points which make the XMV so innovative and interesting for multinational pharmaceutical companies:

  • Flexibility – The XMV has been designed to be a standard solution which will satisfy the requirements for the majority of production lines where global deployment is planned. It also has enough flexibility to offer bespoke solutions where a standard solution is not possible
  • Designed for trusted partners – The XMV has been designed to function with a multitude of world leading marking and camera systems giving complete freedom to choose components from suppliers already designated as "trusted partners" which greatly simplifies the integration into IT networks by using tried and tested data communication protocols

All components, which include world leading ink jet printing or laser marking systems, high-resolution verification cameras, mechanical transfer units and sorting devices, have been finely tuned to work in perfect unison even at extremely high speeds up to 90 m/min. The XMV’s high precision mechanical transfer unit takes the collapsible box direct from the cartoner and transfers it to the printer in the optimal position for serialisation marking. The marking is verified for legibility and correctness using a very sensitive optical camera system. The XMV can optionally detect if the box has open flaps or is not correctly aligned to protect the printer head and downstream bundle packaging equipment. All cartons where the marking cannot be 100% verified as being "good" are reliably rejected into the lockable catch bin. Finally all "good" boxes are safely transferred to the customer’s conveyor for further processing.
The XMV is fully compliant with current regulations and guidelines for the many different Track & Trace concepts at present in use. The open software interface concept eases communication with all standard data protocols and network systems with simple upgrade procedures for future Track & Trace requirements where standards may change or are evolving.

The XMV Marking and Verification system is a complete serialisation solution giving Track & Trace capabilities to existing or new production lines with the highest degree of flexibility presently available on the market.

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