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Injecting Beauty Made Easy

People undergoing facial plastic surgery expect flawless results. Yet aesthetic injections are not a simple task. That is where SCHOTT TOPPAC® cosmetic syringes come into play.

As time passes, it leaves a mark on the body. The first signs become visible to the naked eye in the mid-30s when creases turn into wrinkles. Ageing is a natural process, genetically programmed and relentless. For people who want to trick nature and look fresh and relaxed even in advanced age, the cosmetics industry offers a wide range of options.

Dermal fillers have become an integral part of facial plastic surgery practice to restore facial volume. They are injected under wrinkles to support cheeks, tighten the neck, or create lips. Of the approximately 160 cosmetic fillers available for wrinkle injections, hyaluronic acid is one of the best known.

The gel is highly viscous resulting in the doctors needing to apply a great deal of force during the injection, which can lead to the patient feeling discomfort and pain. In extreme cases, the high pressure inside the syringe can even disconnect the needle hub from the syringe.

The new polymer syringe SCHOTT TOPPAC® cosmetic was specifically developed for applications involving hyaluronic acid and have an integrated Luer lock for a secure needle attachment. Made of high-quality cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), the syringes feature a reduced inner syringe diameter, which ensures lower extrusion forces while administering the medication in more precise dosages. Subsequently, supporting a safer and more comfortable application process of hyaluronic acid.

The complete syringe system also includes a closure system and ergonomic components among others. Moreover, the company conducted a study on the so-called needle pop-off (NPO) and leakage risk. Apart from its cosmetic applications, hyaluronic acid is also used for medical applications including scaffolding for tissue engineering, viscosupplementation for osteoarthritis treatment, ophthalmology and oncology.

SCHOTT TOPPAC® syringes are manufactured in clean rooms with a state-of-the-art fully automated production process starting from injection moulding to the final packaging in nest and tub.

By leveraging its profound knowledge and experience in manufacturing polymer containers since 1999, the company’s regulatory and technical expertise in the market has led to the registration of its COC syringes in more than 90 countries. In addition, an R&D team constantly works on new solutions and applications for new industry demands, which contributes to the leading worldwide market position.