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Suzhou Pharma Services receives latest SFDA GMP certification

Situated 100 km west of Shanghai, Suzhou Pharma Services is one of China’s only US FDA approved and inspected facilities for solid oral dose manufacturing and now joins an elite group that can offer both operating quality standards.

"Suzhou Pharma is well positioned to offer our formulation and manufacturing services backed by our western experienced management team to companies in China and the Asia Pacific region looking for outsourcing partners operating under the latest GMP and quality standards" said Marc Finn, Director of Business Development.

"It allows us to better support our local client’s growing needs in outsourced drug development, clinical trial material and formulation services for the Chinese and Global markets".

Suzhou Pharma’s recently upgraded and newly outfitted facility includes capabilities to support development of oral solid dose products with expertise in extended, sustained and modified release tablets and capsules.