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Microbial Detection Analyzer 7000RMS



Real-time Microbial Analysis for Increased Process Control

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton’s 7000RMS is an online water bioburden analyzer (OWBA) for real-time measurement of microbial contamination in pharmaceutical grade waters –  Purified Water (PW), Ultra Purified Water (UPW), and Water for Injection (WFI). This bioburden analyzer, when used in parallel with plate counting, offers a rapid microbial method (RMM) solution for better microbial control of your water system, reducing the risk of releasing contaminated water, and improving process control.

Control Product Quality with Highly Sensitive Technology

The 7000RMS real-time bioburden analyzer combines two well-established measurement technologies – laser induced fluorescence and Mie scattering, to count individual microorganisms present in PW, UPW, and WFI pharmaceutical grade water systems. With this online water bioburden analyzer (OWBA), no sample preparation or incubation is required. The 7000RMS bioburden analyzer provides microbial detection of organisms to 0.3 micron in size and the technology does not rely on the formation of colonies like traditional plate counting methods.

Reduce Risks and Costs with Instant Bioburden Monitoring

The 7000RMS online water bioburden analyzer delivers continuous monitoring with results every two seconds. This OWBA system requires no sample preparation or incubation period. Its real-time microbial monitoring allows you to release water with confidence without having to wait 5-7 days for plate counting results. Thus eliminating delays in product release. Regulatory agencies around the world encourage the use of alternative, rapid microbial methods in conjunction with traditional plate counting to ensure water quality for release.

Optimize Sanitization Cycles with Continuous Trending Data

Sanitization of a water system can be costly, increase wear on components, and limit the time water can be produced or released. With a rapid microbial method, such as the 7000RMS real-time bioburden analyzer, you can use continuous trending data to establish a baseline and monitor any shifts before and after sanitization to determine a cycle’s frequency and effectiveness. This constant monitoring gives you full visibility of changes and trends in microbial contamination levels allowing  you to react before an out of specification event occurs.

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