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Bioinformatics in New Generation Sequencing

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Since NGS produces large quantities of data, bioinformatics is an important task in NGS projects.

VERTIS helps clients withdraw maximum information from their experiments. We use CLC Bio’s Genomics Workbench Software package for data analyses, which incorporates cutting-edge technology and algorithms.

Bioinformatics services for NGS:

Trimming of reads

  • Barcode filtering
  • Quality, poly(A)+ and adapter trimming of raw sequence data

Mapping and clustering of reads

  • De-novo assembly of reads
  • Mapping of reads to reference genomes

RNA-seq analysis

  • Digital gene expression (DGE) analysis
  • Discovery of novel exons
  • Discovery of splice variants
  • MicroRNA analysis

Genome analysis

  • Identification of SNPs and DIPs (deletion/insertion polymorphisms)
  • Extraction of biding sites and identification of conserved biding motives in chip-seq experiments

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