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CellKey Label-Free Analysis Systems

The CellKey® System leverages a unique impedance-based technology to determine impedence profiles that provide detailed information about the activities of cellular pathways. The system is ideal for GPCR and ion channel drug discovery programs from target identification and validation to lead optimisation. In particular, this system is invaluable for researchers interested in deciphering Gi/Go pathways.

The use of labels in traditional drug discovery screening assays has been shown to cause undesirable and unanticipated interactions that can compromise screening data and lead to false conclusions. Additionally, labeled technologies typically require the use of genetically modified cell lines which can alter cellular behavior.   Label-free analysis

Alternatively, label-free detection is a highly sensitive method of measurement for endogenous targets in live cell assays, and eliminates the need for tags, dyes, or specialised reagents or engineered cells. This reduces the resources required for assay development, simplifies assay design, minimises artifacts or liabilities created by the use of labels, and enables the use of native cells for greater biological relevance. This allows researchers to focus on disease relevant cell types, including primary cells and delivers more physiologically relevant data earlier in the drug discovery process. Drug discovery researchers use label-free technologies to monitor a wide array of target types that play a role in the study of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammation, neuromuscular disorders, pathological pain and psychiatric disorders.

Molecular Devices offers several technologies that are ideal for label-free analysis including impedance detection, electrophysiology and imaging.

The CellKey® System is a label-free detection system built on the underlying technology of bioimpedance. The system is ideal for the measurement of GPCRs and is a major breakthrough for accurate monitoring of Gαi and Gαs-coupled GPCR receptors, as it overcomes many of the challenges and limitations found with traditional assays for Gi/Gs GPCRs. The system delivers real-time non-invasive live cell measurement of ligand-mediated activation of endogenous receptors expressed in adherent or non-adherent cell lines, including primary cells. Other targets successfully measured using the CellKey System are tyrosine kinase receptors, adhesion molecules and indirect measurement of ion channel activation. Applications for which the CellKey System is best suited include target identification and validation through lead optimization. [link applications to CK applications section on detail pages].

Additional label-free detection offerings consist of: The ImageXpress® Micro and IsoCyte Systems, from our family of cellular imaging products for the non-invasive characterization of cellular and small organism behavior; and IonWorks® and PatchXpress brands of automated electrophysiology systems for higher-throughput study of ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels for drug discovery and basic research applications.

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