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Continuing Professional Training in Regulatory Education


Those who have a couple of years practical experience and who may have undertaken the Introductory Course early in their career will inevitably assume new responsibilities or change direction and so be required to perform tasks that need them to have additional knowledge. The TOPRA CRED Programme and PRA Workshop are designed to meet this need.

The programme comprises a series of one-day interactive workshops, run over a two-year cycle, and offers:

  • Structured, but flexible, continuing regulatory education – allowing regulatory professionals to design training programmes to suit individual needs
  • A choice of sixteen interactive workshops, covering eight core topics, run over a two-year cycle – providing regulatory professionals the opportunity to build up a dossier of training demonstrating technical and practical knowledge in all the key areas of their day-to-day work
  • A balance of theory and practice – helping equip participants with practical skills that can be applied immediately
  • Speakers drawn from both regulatory agencies and industry – providing participants with different perspectives
  • Interactive sessions (often case study base) – ideas and experience between participants and speakers and a chance to address common problems faced in everyday situations.
  • Each workshop is detailed in an annual CRED prospectus – designed to help regulatory professionals and their managers build individual training plans

The discount schemes

Do you offer any discount schemes? Yes! For each full price CRED workshop that you attend you will be given a ‘CREDit’ voucher for a 25% discount against the full registration fee for any other one-day CRED workshop in the CRED series. So for every two CRED workshops that you attend one will be discounted. As the two-day meeting price already includes the discount, CREDit vouchers are not applicable to these meetings.

TOPRA reserves the right to alter terms and conditions of its discount schemes from time to time.

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