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MeadWestvaco MWV

Now with a new and improved design, this flagship adherence package is designed to prompt and educate patients to take medication correctly and on time for both clinical trials and commercial applications. The printable inner card is ideal for illustrating titration, making it easier for patients to comply with a complex regimen.

Dosepak® pharmaceutical packaging helps patients remember to take medication correctly and on time. A folding push-through blister pack delivers pills in single, controlled doses. Pill calendars and educational inserts help patients remember to follow doctor’s orders. And the sturdy, protective, outer carton locks children out yet remains senior-friendly.

Features and benefits:

Blister Card

The folding, paperboard, blister pack boasts pill calendars that align with the medication to help patients remember which pills to take and when (for example, day or night or day of the week or month).

Attached patient education and branding

Preferred to pill bottles and standard blister cards, our ConnectedBranding™ large, fold-out panel guarantees that the dosing instructions, reminders and branding of the outer carton stay with the inner card for the life of the therapy. This boosts patient compliance, builds strong brand identification and patient loyalty, and allows for large, readable fonts. We can also include a micro CD for additional patient education materials when needed.

Child safe and senior-friendly

Dosepak® packaging has a unique locking mechanism that earned it the highest child resistance rating from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission: F=1. Yet independent testing proved that it remains easy for seniors to open.

Safe and efficient format

The efficient, pass-through format eliminates the need for pharmacists to repackage the medication into pharmacy vials — saving time and money while helping prevent dispensing errors. And Dosepak packages stack and store more efficiently than amber vials (standard, orange pill bottles).

Better for the environment

We use renewable paperboard to produce our Dosepak pharmaceutical packaging versus petro-based plastic vials.

Product options

Dosepak packaging’s flexible platform maintains all of its features in a variety of sizes and formats. We offer Dosepak BP for extensive brand protection against counterfeiting, and Dosepak CT for combination therapies.

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