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Dosepak Express®

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Also with a new and improved design, Dosepak Express offers both the space to communicate important branding and patient education information on the pack outer, and a simple blister card inner for production efficiencies.

Dosepak Express® is a child-resistant, senior-friendly medication pack designed to prompt and educate patients to take medication correctly and on time. The integrated blister and paperboard pack provides product differentiation and billboard space for brand owners. For manufacturers, it is easily automated on existing production lines.

Features and benefits

Child-safe and senior-friendly, and easy to use for arthritis patients.

Earned highest child resistance rating

Dosepak Express® blister packaging offers patients and brand owners peace of mind, having earned the highest child resistance rating on US Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) protocol tests: F=1.

Senior friendly

It earned a 100% rating on CPSC senior opening protocol tests.

Arthritis foundation ease-of-use commendation

Dosepak Express is the first blister-designed adherence packaging to earn an ease-of-use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation as a user-friendly product for people living with arthritis.

Patient-friendly, integrated design

Unlike existing pharma packs — standard bottles, amber vials and blister card-in-a-box designs — Dosepak Express combines a leaflet or insert, outer carton and blister in one integrated pack.

This design can help ensure that patients follow doctor’s instructions throughout their medication regimen.

Dosepak Express is designed with a calendar and an easy push-through blister to help patients remember which pills to take and when (e.g. night or day tablet).

Billboard space for education and branding

Dosepak Express’s large, fold-out panel holds package information leaflets or inserts (PIL or PI), and its design has space for dosing instructions, reminders and branding. The design helps build patient adherence, strong brand identification and patient loyalty, and allows for large, readable fonts.

Safe and efficient format

The efficient, pass-through Dosepak Express eliminates the need for pharmacists to repackage medication into vials — saving time and money while helping prevent dispensing errors. And Dosepak Express packages stack and store more efficiently than amber vials, saving shelf space.

Easy on manufacturers

Dosepak Express leverages the flexibility and branding space of an outer folding carton with an integrated blister pack, and easily runs on most existing packaging equipment. Manufacturers maintain efficient, economical processing on production lines with the compact design both in blistering and cartoning.

Paperboard materials

We use renewable paperboard resources to produce the outer carton of our Dosepak Express packages versus petro-based plastic vials.

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