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FlexyTSC – Adiabatic Thermal Safety Analysis


FlexyTSC is one of the most common adiabatic calorimeter world-wide to determine thermal stability, storage stability or self heating rate of substances, intermediates and reaction mixtures, in respect of the Runaway-Scenario.

Extensive investigations are necessary to safely operate process equipment and also to achieve safe transport of chemical components. Analytical data is gathered in parallel from one to six RADEX measuring devices.   FlexyTSC

Depending on the outcome of the results, this process is continued with SEDEX or SIKAREX through a more in-depth analysis. The new FlexyTSC offers standardised operation and generates results, which are directly comparable.

The FlexyTSC permits cost-effective and safe evaluations from low volumes like 1.5g up to 1000cm over a wide temperature range. The major advantage is the individual use of different type of oven (measuring cells) for various applications.

One click to the result

A mouse-click is sufficient to generate the following results for a substance that was evaluated under iso-thermal or adiabatic conditions:

  • On-set temperature
  • Heat and power of decomposition (enthalpy)
  • Actual adiabatic temperature increase
  • Arrhenius-Plot
  • Activation energy
  • Self heating rate (SHR)
  • Time-to-maximum rate (TMR)

Individual choice of test conditions

FlexyTSC supports the safety specialist by using varying sample sizes and an individual choice of test conditions. Nevertheless, all measurements are directly comparable. This provides an exact characterisation of the sample.

Experimental conditions are:

  • Atmospheric
  • Inert gas atmosphere
  • Oxygen atmosphere
  • Use of a catalyst
  • Measuring gas evolvement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Sample stirring

Gas evaluation rate

Optionally the FM4 add-on is the ideal gas flow measuring equipment for the smallest – as well as discontinuous – flows. Specially designed for thermo-analysis and process technique.

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