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FLIPR Cellular Screening Systems

The FLIPR® Tetra System is a high throughput screening system for real-time kinetic cellular assays. It has been optimized for use with both fluorescent and luminescent assays, including aequorin for GPCRs and ion channel screening. Molecular Devices also offers a large number of FLIPR Assay Kits for calcium mobilisation and membrane potential analyses that further support GPCR and ion channel discovery research and screening programs.

Abnormal function, expression, and regulation of GPCRs and ion channels have been implicated in many diseases, including mental health disorders; diseases of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems; allergy; obesity; cancer; and many more. To discover new therapeutics for these diseases, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers used to rely on radioisotope receptor binding assays and single-cell calcium flux assays on a fluorometer for GPCRs and single cell conventional patch clamping for ion channels-all time-consuming methods of identifying new leads in the drug discovery process. To break through this bottleneck, Molecular Devices launched a revolutionary high throughput screening solution for real-time kinetic cellular assays with its FLIPR® brand Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader. This system dramatically accelerated the ability to screen libraries of candidate compounds against GPCRs and ion channel targets, which ultimately reduced the time-to-market for new drug therapies.

The FLIPR System has continued to evolve over the past 15 years in both functionality and performance, and today it is the screening tool of choice for GPCRs and ion channels in laboratories worldwide. The FLIPR® Tetra System is the latest introduction to the FLIPR product line and is optimised for use with both fluorescent and luminescent assays including aequorin. To support GPCR and ion channel assays, Molecular Devices offers homogeneous, no-wash assay kits to measure calcium flux and membrane potential developed for use on the FLIPR Tetra System.

The optional TetraCycler™ Microplate Handler can be installed in the FLIPR Tetra System to increase efficiency by automating the exchange of 96-, 384- or 1536-well microplates and pipette tips between the FLIPR System and third-party robotics systems. To accelerate throughput, the FLIPR Tetra System can be integrated with the SynchroMax™ ET Robotic Handling System or a variety of other laboratory robotics systems.

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