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GenePix Microarray Scanners & Slide Loaders

GenePix Microarray Scanners accommodate any slide-based microarray analysis, from small one- or two-fluorescent applications to multiple-fluorescent, high throughput studies. When combined with GenePix Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis and Acuity Informatics Software, these scanners offer a complete solution for research focused on functional biology, genomics, genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH).

Microarray technology has greatly contributed to research in many areas including functional biology, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, both in plants and animals. Researchers worldwide continue to refine this technology with their ideas for novel applications. GenePix® Microarray Scanners help these ideas come to fruition. The scanners have the ideal balance of powerful and flexible features coupled with ease-of-use and accessibility.

To find the perfect scanner for an application, important features need to be considered including multiple laser and filter options, sensitivity and resolution, scan area, rapidity of scan, positional performance, ease of use, and upgrade options to meet future needs. GenePix Microarray Scanners can employ up to four internal lasers, 16 user accessible filters in resolutions of up to 2.5 micron, and accommodate the utmost variety of slide types and materials. The GenePix Microarray System is completed by optional high-throughput robotics and microarray image analysis and bioinformatics software, which provides a unique combination of imaging and analysis tools, visualizations, automation capabilities, performance, and ease of use.

Molecular Devices offers a full suite of microarray scanners under its GenePix brand. The GenePix platform is based on 25 years of expertise in low-noise signal amplification and optical design. The systems can handle any slide-based microarray study, from small one- or two-fluor applications to multiple-fluor high-throughput projects requiring automated sample handling and secure enterprise-wide data management and analysis. All GenePix scanners include one license of GenePix Pro Image Acquisition and Analysis Software, the benchmark tool for the acquisition and analysis of microarray images.

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