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HBV Drug Development Services


Our preclinical anti-hepatitis drug development services range from screening libraries to the evaluation of the efficacy, toxicity and range of action of your compound. InPheno provides a HBV replication assay in which human hepatoma cells stably express and replicate a HBV genome.

This screening assay identifies compounds blocking the late steps of the virus life cycle including encapsidation, reverse transcription, particle assembly and maturation. Levels of extracellular and / or cytoplasmic HBV DNA are monitored by real time quantitative PCR assay. Compound toxicity is examined using the parental hepatoma cell line.

Our assay for profiling drug candidates takes advantage of the flexibility of transiently transfecting a hepatoma cell line with a cloned and functional HBV genome. This clone can be modified to include mutations in the reverse transcriptase gene conferring resistance to current therapies or to include relevant viral segments of HBV isolated directly from patient-derived specimens. Detection of cytoplasmic viral DNA is quantified by a PCR-based assay.

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