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High Content Screening & Live Cell Imaging

High content screening is a powerful, automated cell biology method that enables researchers to collect and view data at the cellular and sub-cellular level. Originally developed as a complementary technology to traditional high throughput screening, today high content screening reaches into a much broader area of life science research as an unbiased method of imaging multiple cellular samples, multiplexing, and identifying and detecting "biosignatures."

Our ImageXpress High Content Screening Systems and MetaXpress and AcuityXpress High Content Analysis Software Packages deliver top-of-the-line optical performance and precision to support a wide range of applications in drug discovery and basic life science research. In particular, High Content Imaging Systems and Software are ideal for the study of stem cells, RNAi, and cellular pathways as well as secondary screening programs and early safety assessments. No other technology allows researchers to easily obtain information at the cell population, single cell, and sub-cellular levels, making high content imaging a truly vital approach for all drug discovery & development and basic life science research efforts involving fixed cell or live cell analysis.

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