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MeadWestvaco MWV

Injectapak is a durable consumer-friendly adherence package that can accommodate either syringes or vials in a protective, unit-of-use package.

Innovative and durable, our Injectapak® pharmaceutical packaging shields vials and syringes from harm during shipment. Built-in, tamper-evident features assure patients that medication is safe to administer. Generous space for dosing instructions and health education helps patients remember to take their medication on time, every time.

Features and benefits:


Injectapack pharmaceutical packaging is highly scalable and disposable.

Attached patient education and branding

The large, fold-out panel guarantees that the dosing instructions, reminders and branding of the outer carton stay with the packaging the life of the therapy. This eliminates patient confusion, boosts patient compliance, and builds strong brand identification and patient loyalty.

Child safe and senior-friendly

Injectapak packages have a unique, built-in safety mechanism protects children but remains easy for seniors to open.

Efficient format

The packaging includes efficient bar code scanning of each vial or syringe. The efficient, pre-fill format encourages fast and accurate pharmacy dosing for cost savings and reduced patient error. And Injectapak stacks and stores more efficiently than other means of medication dispensers.

Product options

Injectapack packaging’s flexible platform maintains all of its features in a variety of sizes and formats. We offer Injectapak®-S for syringes and Injectapak®-V for vials.

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