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Fuld & Company

Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming

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Intelligence Training

Fuld & Company

In 1982, not long after its founding, Fuld & Company developed the world's first seminars focusing on the art and science of competitive intelligence. Continuing this tradition of leadership, in 1999 Leonard Fuld & Michael Sandman joined with fellow industry gurus Ben Gilad and Jan Herring to form the Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI). Since then, this CI "dream team" has created the most rigorous and comprehensive education available in the CI industry, covering everything from basic collection techniques to advanced analysis, strategy, and program design.

Today, ACI is known across the globe as providing the "gold standard" in competitive intelligence education. Its dedication to the CI field is evidenced by its continual development of new and innovative courses. ACI was the first and remains the only institution to offer an accredited certification program – the Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP™) program.   Intelligence training

To learn more about ACI, click on one of the links below or explore the Academy’s website at If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Smith at (888) 732-6812 (US) or International (630) 983-5530.

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