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Healthcare Regulatory Affairs

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Members have access to an international journal giving the latest news and comment on current regulatory matters. In addition to the website and direct mail services, the journal keeps members advised of new career opportunities in the field and the salary survey is a useful tool for all in the profession.

Working in a rapidly changing legislative environment and for an industry where scientific advances are being made daily, regulatory professionals need to be sure they have the latest information – not only about recently introduced developments, but also those anticipated to come in the next few years!

Sourcing information in today’s technological environment is easy; being able to understand and interpret the implications of that data for regulatory professionals is more difficult. The TOPRA journal Regulatory Rapporteur gives news, views and analysis of the subjects that matter across the entire universe of Regulatory Affairs issues and is available in hard copy with key sections available elsewhere on this web site to meet your information needs.

Now in its fifth year, the hugely successful “Regulatory Rapporteur” journal has been well-received throughout the regulatory community. The high quality content makes it a must-read journal for our members and their associates wherever they work. In a recent Member Survey over 61% of TOPRA members stated that they find Regulatory Rapporteur most useful in their work and almost 60% of members stated that they find it the most authoritative for Regulatory Affairs.

Therefore, the journal is not only a incredibly valuable information source for Regulatory Affairs Professionals, but also the most effective vehicle through which to promote services and career opportunities to this specialist sector.


InTouch has a new look, a new frequency and a new website. Now monthly, the relaunched InTouch will keep members even more in touch by receiving news from the TOPRA board, SPIN groups and colleagues in a more timely fashion. But there’s more than just the print edition, we have developed an interactive website – see Let us know what you think, visit the website today!

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