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Route Scouting and Process R&D

Syncom BV

Syncom can offer unique new synthetic routes, if design or development of a new synthesis route is asked for.

Custom synthesis for synthetic routes

Our experienced and creative chemists can adjust and improve existing synthetic routes through custom synthesis. Many options are possible for this process, including:

  • Increasing yields by a change of solvents
  • Reagents or work-up procedures
  • Reducing catalyst loadings
  • Replacing chromatography by scalable crystallizations
  • Telescoping of steps or developing and totally novel chemical process

Chiral compound processes

If the process is for a chiral compound, our expertise in asymmetric synthesis and chiral resolution is of particular use here. As shown below, Syncom’s excellence and creativity in innovative route development, has lead to the ‘Pfizer Route Design Innovation Award 2011’.


Synthesis project support

Syncom contributes to clients’ projects by finding the right experimental conditions and purification procedures for each step. Our chemists strive to adjust and improve reaction conditions – reaching the maximum level of success in any given synthesis route. Many routes and procedures developed by us have been transferred to our clients or contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) for further scale-up and clinical manufacturing. All (process) IP results from projects will be assigned to our client.

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