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Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS

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Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS is a flexible, scalable enterprise LIMS for companies seeking a corporate standard for quality control operations.

SampleManager is a proven tool for the efficient testing of samples that routinely pass through a typical lab – whether process testing, quality assurance, or R&D—by sorting test information and organising it into specific report formats to meet regulatory requirements. The complete testing routine is managed, from sample login to testing, re-testing, and final reporting.

SampleManager offers a highly-configurable instrument integration solution that doesn’t require extensive custom coding. Data is automatically and securely captured from instruments, eliminating potential transcription errors and improving the flow and management of laboratory data. A standard interface is used within the lab and around the organisation to integrate all the types and brands of instruments, simplifying and streamlining the operation, and offering all the benefits of increased automation.

Count on SampleManager for predictable deployments and consistent performance

  • Full-featured for industrial process labs
  • Designed for organizations seeking to standardise a LIMS across all labs
  • Easily configured and easy to use with proven, dependable technology at its core
  • Can be implemented to support local and global lab deployments
  • Scalable for a large user base
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Provides the foundation for a complete lab automation solution by integrating with instruments and laboratory and business systems, including PIMS, MES and ERP solutions
  • Version 9.2.1 offers open standard architecture with Microsoft .NET and a new inductive user interface that reduces errors

Key features:

  • Adopts open standards with fully engineered Microsoft .NET architecture using C#
  • Three-tier client/server solution operating with Microsoft inductive user interface
  • Web-enabled with a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Configurable solution to provide enhanced functionality for specific industries
  • Integrates the lab with process plant, enterprise, and desktop applications
  • Auditable for laboratories operating in regulated environments
  • Designed, developed and supported within an ISO 9001/TickIT environment

SampleManager LIMS meets enterprise requirements

  • Architecture: N-tier architecture using Microsoft .NET and supporting industry standard database technology
  • Configurability: Flexible for different lab types without timely and costly coding
  • Functionality: Robust, stable and reliable to ensure smooth, large-scale deployments
  • Integration: Web Services for integration with different instruments and enterprise applications
  • Internationalization: Available in multiple languages
  • Reporting: Flexible reporting, providing even casual users outside the lab access to pertinent data
  • Scalability: Able to support a large, growing number of users and labs
  • Security: Sophisticated access controls to ensure secure access to data across the organisation
  • Standards: Industry-standard tools, languages and databases
  • Support: Offered across the world and in multiple languages
  • User Access: Full web browser and desktop client access to all functionality
  • SampleManager tracks, displays and reports samples by any criteria that are required by the user. A typical multi-criteria request would allow review of all the current day’s samples that have results entered, are within specification, have a high priority and require authorisation
  • Entry of results into SampleManager can be fully automated from all leading laboratory instrumentation. The Incident Management functionality allows users to record, track, and manage the unforeseen events that inevitably occur in a busy laboratory
  • Reports in SampleManager can be configured to precisely reflect user requirements; report templates are built using a graphical environment and can include statistical calculations, graphs, pie charts, bit maps, or OLE objects. Additional reporting formats include Microsoft applications, PDF, XML and CSV outputs

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