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Setup and Training

Custom Powder Systems

When Custom Powders Systems builds a machine for people, either we do it here at our facility or at their facility. We set the machine up and make sure it operates properly. Then we offer training to their personnel so they understand how the machine operates, or how to operate the machine.

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If the people aren’t trained properly they’re unsatisfied with the equipment because they can’t make it do what they want to do. If they’re not trained right then something could break. So if they’re not trained right, they’re either going to have bad product or not be happy with how the machine runs.

The Custom Powders Systems training programs are customized for each client because each machine is different. Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, the documentation of the on-site installation is very important, including the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and the IQ/OQ, and executing those protocols, it’s an FDA requirement. We can help the clients execute those documents.

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