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Production of Solid Pharmaceuticals


High quality processing of all batches.

The versatile range of machines at our disposal not only enables us to produce mixtures for direct tablet production, but also granulates – via dry granulation or wet granulation with subsequent drying. Tabletting is carried out by computer-controlled high capacity presses.

Coating takes place in a range of drum coaters with up to 500kg capacity, and modern tablet coating pans with capacities of up to 120kg each. This enables us to process small and large batches of high quality sugar-coated tablets.


  • Free-fall mixers
  • Compulsory mixers


  • Classic wet granulation
  • Roller compaction


  • 10 tabletting machines with a capacity of up to 250,000 tablets per hour

Sugar-coating and film coating

  • 18 sugar coating pans, some capable of automatic sugar coating
  • Film coaters for different size batches
  • From classic film tablets to special forms, e.g. silver coated tablets


  • Over 4 billion tablets per year
  • Of which more than 1 billion film-coated and approx. 2 billion sugar-coated tablets
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