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Healthcare Regulatory Affairs

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The Benefits of TOPRA Membership


A detailed list of TOPRA membership benefits.


Every member of TOPRA receives the international journal Regulatory Rapporteur on a monthly basis. The journal is a high-quality publication, which includes the latest regulatory news, interviews with leading figures and analysis. It also includes the latest meeting and conference reports and a wealth of valuable material to help with the day-to-day work of the regulatory professional. Career opportunities are also featured.

On a monthly basis, every member also receives InTouch, a digest of news about TOPRA, its members and the social aspects of our organisation.


TOPRA’s structured training programme is recognised internationally as representing the gold-standard in regulatory training for all levels of experience and knowledge. All members are eligible for discounted rates at TOPRA training meetings and symposia which depending on the meeting can add up to a £300 discount for a single event.

Information resources

This web site includes a members-only areas providing additional information and services. With details of international training meetings and conferences, service and consultancy companies, the most extensive collection of useful regulatory links, and a “job-shop”, the website is a valuable resource for every member. The site also has facilities for joining and renewing membership, booking for conferences and other on-line services.


TOPRA members are able to book a meeting room for their personal use at the TOPRA headquarters at very competitive rates. They may also use the offices for internet access and to consult the resource library, which contains amongst other useful materials, journals and MSc dissertations.

TARIUS discount

TOPRA members are entitled to a discount on their subscription to Tarius Base Module – an online service which provides access to a database containing the business-critical reference documents from the US and EU authorities and from several important international bodies (ICH, WHO, PIC/S, OECD, GHTF) on all aspects of regulatory and compliance regulation issues pertaining to human drugs, biologics, medical devices and combination products.

Personal development

TOPRA is aware that many members like to manage their personal development and extend their technical expertise through a combination of methods: personal attendance at training meetings or conferences, plus reading and electronic learning. Zenosis is a leading provider of e-learning modules in the areas of regulatory affairs and clinical research and their product is used by many leading pharmaceutical corporations. TOPRA has agreed with Zenosis that TOPRA members can purchase their modules at a discounted price.

Discount on insurance

TOPRA Members have access to discounted Insurance from PIA Commercial. The discount given to TOPRA members applies to the following Insurance covers:

  • Professional indemnity
  • Office insurance
  • Working from home insurance which includes employers/public liability as well as business equipment
  • Directors and officers insurance
  • Business travel insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Liability insurance

As well as the discount that applies we are able to quickly provide the required policies and cover to the client because of our knowledge, understanding, and experience in the Regulatory Affairs Industry.

This is the main problem professionals face in trying to arrange suitable cover with standard Insurance Brokers.

Access to Pharma Times Daily News Feed

TOPRA Members who have signed up to received email news alerts will also receive a daily newsfeed of the top pharmaceutical industry stories from around the world, provided by Pharma Times.

For more information on TOPRA, please visit or contact TOPRA on email:
or tel: +44 (0) 207 510 2560.

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