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Transcriptome Analysis

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With the introduction of the new generation sequencing (NGS) methods, it is now viable to perform rapid and highly reproducible analysis of complete transcriptional networks by generating millions of 35 to 1100bp long reads (depending on the platform).

RNA next generation sequencing

RNA next generation sequencing allows the discovery of the entire universe of RNA, from small regulatory RNA (sncRNA, miRNA, piwiRNA, etc.) to full-length coding messenger RNA (mRNA).

Analysis of RNA species

We have developed original techniques that allow the reliable and comprehensive analysis of the different RNA species, such as coding and non-coding RNA, eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms, as well as an array of tissues, organisms and environmental samples.

Gene expression, RNA-seq analysis and transcriptomes

  • Inventory of the RNA molecules in different cell types or of developmental stages
  • Discovery of new genes and transcripts (alternative splicing, new exons, alternative transcription start sites, new regulatory RNA molecules, Identification of fusion genes)
  • Quantification of gene expression levels (digital gene expression – DGE)
  • Identification of allele-specific gene expression
  • Quantifying mixed transcriptomes (e.g. RNA-seq analysis of host-pathogen interactions)
  • Metatranscriptomics – analysis of the transcriptome of environmental samples and complete communities
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