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TruCell2 Sensor

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The TruCell®2 sensor is a near-infrared light absorption sensor that comprises a sensor probe, selectable from a variety of configurations, a cable, and a transmitter.

The transmitter integrates the signal processing, power con-version, 4mA -20mA output signal generation, and user interface functions in one package.

TruCell2 Probe

The sensor probe employs a FDA-approved PFA® sensor head with possible alternative optical path lengths (OPL) of 5mm (fermentation) or 10mm (cell culture). The fluid inside the reactor, vessel or process piping passes into this gap. The FDA approved PFA® used in the sensor head is transparent to near infrared light, allowing the FDAapproved PFA® surfaces to serve as the transmission windows. The system utilises a laser as the near infrared light source.

The sensor probe includes the main shaft, the sensor head, and the electrical connector that is connected to the transmitter using a cable (6ft [1.83m] or 10ft long [3.05m]). For a given transmitter, the sensor probe can be replaced. The sensor probe can be separated from the cable and transmitter for sterilisation.

TruCell2 Transmitter

The TruCell2 Transmitter look and feel was based on our family of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) transmitters for life science applications. The TruCell2 Transmitter has a rugged, weatherproof, corrosion resistant enclosure (NEMA 4X). The panel mount version fits standard ½ DIN panel cutouts, and its shallow depth is ideally suited for easy mounting in cabinet-type enclosures. A pipe mounting accessory kit is available for mounting to a 2in pipe.

There are two levels of access (operator and technician). The access level setting determines whether both, neither, or only the technician level require using a password to log into the transmitter. Only the technician level has access to setup menus.

The transmitter offers automatic recognition of up to twelve (12) TruCell2 probes, and stores the initial calibration data for each probe. Diagnostics such as the “laser test” or “probe health test” warn the user of an aging or failed TruCell2 probe.

All transmitter and probe configuration settings are recovered automatically from non-volatile EEPROM when power is restored after a power failure.


  • Low cost solution
  • Remote transmitter
  • Interchangeable probes
  • Calibration and diagnostic features
  • Validation kit for cGMP applications
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