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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

The company group Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, founded in 1946 by Christian Bürkert, is a manufacturer of measuring, control and regulation systems for liquids and gases, with headquarters in the southern German town of Ingelfingen. The company which has been family owned since its foundation has got an export ratio of 80%.

Burkert Fluid Control SystemsIn addition to the headquarters in Ingelfingen, Bürkert is present with manufacturing facilities in Criesbach, Gerabronn, Öhringen and in Triembach-au-Val in Alsace. Worldwide, the company is represented by 35 independent subsidiaries in 36 countries. Moreover, there are five Systemhauses for customised system solutions in Criesbach, Dresden, Menden, Charlotte, USA and Suzhou, China.


Products and systems from Bürkert are used in more than 300 different industrial applications – from brewery technology to laboratory/medical technology and space technology. The broad product range includes solenoid valves, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuators and sensors. In addition, Bürkert offers complete systems and application solutions for the comprehensive needs of its customers. Altogether, Bürkert offers all components of the control loop based on burkert productscoordinated interfaces.

Pharmaceutical background

Pharmaceutical manufacturing relies on liquids and gasses which are readily available and made of the desired quality. This means controlled conditions, accurate pressures and temperatures and variations of other measurements according to specific duty. These applications are critical in upstream integrity as well as in overall plant performance. Each area demands strict control and yet flexibility is often a key desire – With Bürkert you can be certain that both mechanical and instrumentation equipment are system designed to realise these goals offering enhanced plant lifecycle with high integrity and satisfaction.

burkertPatients trust your product and safety is related to your brand. Each stage of your CIP/SIP regime can be controlled and safely documented. The stable and rugged components from Bürkert are designed for the harsh shifts from acid to base. The components and system solutions bring peace of mind. Reliability in switching from water to clean steam and from chemical to surfactant is standard in a range of valves which are designed for this purpose. All of the CIP parameters are safe in Bürkert hands allowing you to make your product with confidence.

Eliminating hold- up volume

burkertIn larger pharmaceutical systems the complex arrangement of valves, as well as their physical individual size, can result in large and heavy clusters that have to be supported and be easily accessible for maintenance. In addition, the larger the valves are required, the more overall space is required, and when considering the need for fully drainable and cleanable systems, this is not ideal. At Bürkert, such challenges have led to technology and manufacturing advances, which have resulted in a new design based upon unique Robolux valves and custom manufactured stainless steel valve blocks. With this design, hold-up volume is eliminated by reducing – by half, or more – the number of valves, diaphragms, pipe fittings and welds required in a system.


burkertThe Systemhaus teams develop customised solutions for extremely complex and sophisticated production processes, regardless of the sector or industry. Well-coordinated project teams work closely together with dependable sales consultants, qualified industry specialists and dedicated Systemhaus engineers. These competent and reliable experts cooperate throughout all phases from the definition of customers’ requirements through to the product approval. These project teams are globally networked for a fast, direct response in support of any specific requirements. Many years of experience in project management and the continuous improvement of processes ensure that the Systemhaus teams can also meet new challenges with innovative solutions.

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Quick Contact Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Quick Contact Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Quick Contact Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Quick Contact Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Quick Contact Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Quick Contact Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

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