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Delta 2000

Delta2000 produce and install in all over the world modular walls, partitions, doors, suspended ceiling and accessories for white- room thanks to its experience and innovation. Delta 2000 has never considered reducing product's quality because we can only establish our international leadership by dedicating ourselves to greater customer satisfaction without compromises.

The quality of our products starts with the raw materials purchased from our suppliers, which are carefully selected to achieve results to be proud of.

Our wall system is very simple made and is composed with three main components:

  • An aluminium internal frame that gives to the modular panels strength, and thanks also to the join profile, simplifies the installation
  • An external side that can be made by different materials such as high plastic laminated, aluminium sheet or stainless steel all materials are easily cleanable and durable in time
  • An internal insulation that may be with polystyrene, mineral Rockwool or aluminium honeycomb


Fully glazed walls made with delta2000 glass profile

WINDOW glazing, insulating and anti condensating, are realized with accident-prevention, according to UNI 7172 rules, transparent thermo vet double crystal (3+3) assembled on an internal aluminium frame and sealed along the edges.
Fully glazed walls can be made thanks to delta2000 glass profile.


Our doors have completely radial frames, without sharp edges, and accept any type of accessory (internal hinges and external or internal pumps). The corner fittings between walls are produced with a system of our design that eliminates sharp edges and/or notches

Our ceilings system consist of an Omega frame with 65-mm extruded anodised aluminium and/or pre-painted strips; the fill panels can be made of a variety of materials. All the materials used are certified to be Class-1 self-extinguishing. We can provide also walkable suspended ceiling with the same characteristic of walls panels.

To complete our white-room products, we are able to design, produce and install furnishings such as cabinets, benches, material pass-through boxes, etc.

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Our company is able to satisfy every client’s needs thanks to the capacity of personalization and the passion we put in our projects.

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Delta 2000 S.r.l.
Via Miles n°6
20873 Cavenago di Brianza (MB)
Tel. +39 02 9501688
Fax. +39 02 95339079

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