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Hospira brings proven leadership to the hospital products marketplace. With its more than 70-year history of excellence, Hospira is built on a solid and distinct platform.

Hospira’s vision guides everything the company does. ‘Advancing’ focuses on Hospira’s progressive, positive and purposeful approach as it looks to the future. ‘Wellness’ demonstrates a broad commitment to healthcare, supported by a wide variety of products that help improve the well-being of patients around the world. Wellness also refers to the overall well-being of Hospira’s customers, employees, shareholders and communities.

Drug delivery systems for the medical sector

The ‘right people’, Hospira’s employees, are a talented group of dedicated, customer-focused, entrepreneurial individuals who are committed to working under the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Hospira’s broad portfolio of products, the "right products", provides quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Hospira’s commitments

Hospira has an unwavering commitment to:

  • Its customers and patients, delivering on its promise by serving their needs with integrity, trust and innovation
  • Its employees, by embracing diversity of thought and cultural perspective, and fostering an environment of empowerment, fairness and respect
  • Its shareholders, by safeguarding their investment and providing a fair return
  • Its communities, acknowledging its social responsibility through active citizenship and thoughtful giving

Learn more about how Hospira is living up to its commitment to these stakeholders and a progress update on the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance environmental, health and safety performance by downloading Hospira’s global citizenship report.

Hospira’s values

The company’s key values are based on the current strengths of its business, people and products, as well as the type of company Hospira aspires to be. Hospira will achieve its vision and deliver on its commitment through:

  • Integrity: Hospira build respect and trust in itself, its products and its employees by setting high standards and acting on its values
  • Ownership/accountability: Hospira’s employees are its heart and soul. Its employees are counted on to advance the company’s performance by meeting their commitments and keeping their promises.
  • Speed: Hospira’s employees are empowered and expected to act quickly and decisively while making informed decisions and ethical judgments
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Hospira respects and encourages visionary thinking by embracing people who are passionate champions of creative ideas and who are willing to persevere on behalf of innovation.


275 North Field Drive
Lake Forest
Illinois 60045
United States of America

Customer care: +1-877-946-7747
Product performance issues: +1 800 441 4100
General information: +1 224 212 2000
Medical information: +1 800 615 0187

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