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Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. provides equipment, analytical instruments, reagents and consumables, software, and services for research, manufacturing, analysis, discovery and diagnostics. The company serves almost 350,000 customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, research institutions, and government agencies.

The Acros Organics, Maybridge, Fisher Chemical and Fisher BioReagents brands offer a full range of products and services. Our essential reagents and chemicals enable analysis, research and development, scale-up, and manufacturing. The full portfolio is available through Fisher Scientific and a selection of approved distributors. To find your local distributor click here.

Acros Organics – Fine Chemicals and Organic Reagents

The Acros Organics portfolio features more than 18,000 organic molecules, including essential chemicals, functional reagents and organic building blocks that meet the evolving needs of organic and medicinal chemists in the field of research, development and drug discovery

Maybridge – Compounds to Facilitate Drug Discovery

From hit finding to lead optimisation, the Maybridge portfolio offers a comprehensive range of chemistry products and services tailored to the drug discovery and biotechnology sector. For over 50 years, Maybridge has been at the forefront of innovative heterocyclic building block design, fuelled by the desire to access novel molecules of pharmaceutical interest. The Maybridge portfolio is driven by a keen understanding of the needs of the medicinal chemist and is designed to expedite the drug discovery process through a diverse range of building blocks and renowned screening and fragment collections.

Fisher Chemical – For Analytical Applications

More than 4,400 Fisher Chemical products are manufactured, processed and tested on-site in Loughborough, UK and Fairlawn, New Jersey, US. The Fisher Chemical product range has a clear and simple grade and application structure, making it easy to choose the right product for your analytical requirements.

For chromatography, elemental analysis or any analytical application between, whatever your field of activity: industry, production, quality control, research, routine analysis or development, choose Fisher Chemical products to meet your analytical application needs.

Fisher BioReagents – Reagents for Life Science Applications

Packaged for convenience, our superior quality, value-added products are prequalified and guaranteed to be suitable for your designated technique or application. For higher productivity in your routine research techniques, choose Fisher BioReagents.

Specialised Chemical Services

Need a product that is not readily available in a chemical catalogue? We can help. Our Specialised Chemical Services team is ready to directly discuss your specific chemical needs including:

  • Semi-bulk and bulk chemicals
  • Tailored solvents, blends and solutions
  • Customised packaging, labelling and testing

Request a specialised chemical services quote here.

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