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Pharmaceutical sieving machine for granules


Finex 22 installation increases production and minimizes downtime at ESTEVE’s R&D plant.

ESTEVE, a leading Spanish chemical-pharmaceutical group, invests heavily in Research & Development of new formulations, and commercializes medicines and innovative formulations in order to achieve a high level of excellence in the healthcare market. When seeking equipment for a new pilot plant, ESTEVE required specialist separation equipment that would improve sieving accuracy and product quality.

After consulting with Russell Finex representatives at an exhibition, Russell Finex analyzed the product characteristics and recommended the Finex 22™ grading sieve to fulfill the criteria laid out by ESTEVE. After successful trials were conducted, ESTEVE acquired two Finex 22™ machines with Vibrasonic® Deblinding Systems to grade their pharmaceutical granules after they have been processed through a fluid bed dryer. The machines were supplied in the highest quality stainless steel, and with Russell Finex’s specialist polishing techniques, the highest standard mirror polished, crevice free finish was provided.

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