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APL Reinforces its Management Team with Key Recruitments

Kia and Åsa, who joined APL this October, contribute with vast experience in their respective areas, which will further strengthen APL’s services in all its business areas.

Kia is a pharmacist by profession and has been recruited from AstraZeneca where she had a leading position in manufacturing and quality assurance, both as line manager and in senior global positions.

Kia has experience as quality manager and as an expert in manufacturing of active substances, liquid and sterile pharmaceuticals as well as in manufacturing of tablets. She has also played a key role in important changes aimed at improving efficiency in AstraZeneca’s Swedish drug manufacturing organisation.

She has also worked with the rollout of AstraZeneca’s global quality strategy, namely its standardised processes for QC (quality control) and microbiological laboratories. Thanks to her prior positions, Kia will bring extensive experience of pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control and Lean to APL. Kia will be based at APLs headquarters in Stockholm/Kungens Kurva.

Åsa has a MBA in Industrial Management and has been at Ericsson for the past eleven years in the global business team Microwave Networks. At Ericsson, she has had leading positions in strategic and operational purchasing, supply chain development, quality and R&D operational development. Åsa has vast international experience both as manager for multinational organizations as well as from business relations with suppliers around the globe.

APL’s supply chain management unit is responsible for purchasing, quality control and warehousing of all the raw material and consumables used at APL. The unit operates from APL’s Gothenburg/Hisings-Backa site where Åsa will be based.

"These two recruitments serve to reinforce APL’s management," says Eva Sjökvist Saers, CEO, APL. "Both Kia and Åsa have several years of solid experience in areas which are important for APL’s continued development and will in turn strongly contribute to better offers for clients in our business areas, Special Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacies and Life Science."