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Enamine and ChemAxon to Create Web-Based Search in Immense Chemical Space

Enamine Ltd and ChemAxon, a globally renowned provider of software solutions for chemistry and biology, have announced the launch of jointly created online resource (available at to allow researchers worldwide to explore the chemical space of REAL database.

The resource is aimed to provide the drug discovery community with the efficient solutions in hit-to-lead development. The querying of the chemical space is empowered by ChemAxon’s proprietary fast similarity search tool, MadFast, delivering sub-second response against hundreds of millions of molecules.

Michael Bossert, head strategic alliances at Enamine, commented: “We are pleased to partner with ChemAxon while realising that their similarity search tool can largely support our leadership in library synthesis for early drug discovery.

“Thanks to expedite delivery, outstanding diversity and the highest synthesis success rate, REAL Database has become a reference among our clients in their virtual screening initiatives for express analogues searches and provisioning in their hit-to-lead projects. Our tool is now accessible freely online for everyone to use.”

ChemAxon’s CEO, Dr Ferenc Csizmadia added: “Our new software is a high-end toolkit for ultra-fast chemical similarity search. It complements other available chemoinformatics solutions on the market.

“The fast in-memory similarity searches provide useful tools for similarity-based search, overlap analysis and clustering. We are confident that MadFast supports Enamine to deliver their prominent REAL database to their users and the drug discovery industry.”