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Enamine and Chemspace Collaborate with Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery to Expand Drug Discovery Services

Enamine, a leading provider of small molecules and drug discovery services, Chemspace, an online catalog with the largest offer of small molecules to search and buy, and Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery, a research organization focused on a fee-for-service virtual screening, announced the launch of the collaboration to support drug discovery projects.

The collaboration will include participation in the joint projects related to virtual screening and lead optimization. These projects require high expertise in molecular docking, ligand-based design, availability of well-curated catalogue, and strong chemistry and biology support.

Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery will contribute with its expertise in virtual screening gained from a number of successfully conducted projects. Chemspace will provide its extensive and thoroughly curated catalogue of off-the-shelf and make-on-demand compounds, project management, and logistics. Enamine’s synthetic capabilities will allow the company to deliver the necessary molecules employing its REAL approach to access billions of make-on-demand analogues, as well as testing their binding and ADME/T properties.

“We look forward to developing productive research collaborations,” comments Iryna Yavnyuk, Director of Business Development of Enamine.

She continues: “This is a great opportunity for Enamine to expand a portfolio of our Drug Discovery services.”

“This collaboration will undoubtedly be useful for our customers to help them leverage the Chemspace catalogue in their projects,” Dr Yurii Moroz, CEO of Chemspace adds.

“Having a partner we trust that supports the delivery of compounds close to 100% is very important for projects based on virtual screening. Both companies, Enamine and Chemspace, have this capability,” says Dr John Irwin, co-founder of Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery.