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Membrane Microfiltration to Improve Shelf Life of Milk in Global Market

Several traditional techniques such as pasteurisation, heat treatment and sterilisation have long been used to improve the shelf life of milk. One of the newest alternatives to heat treatment is microfiltration, which reduces bacteria and improves the shelf life of dairy products while also preserving taste.

Adoption of membrane microfiltration in milk is one of the trends being witnessed in the global market, according to a new research study on the global membrane microfiltration market by Future Market Insights (FMI). An increasing adoption of ceramic microfiltration membranes for cross-flow filtration in water plants is another key trend, as ceramic membranes help maintain a high filtration rate and ensure enhanced savings in membrane replacement costs.

Manufacturers in the membrane microfiltration market are producing robust microfiltration systems using large filter cartridges that occupy less space and eliminate the number of filtration system connections, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

A preference for continuous fermentation over batch processing is also being observed, with manufacturers increasingly deploying membrane microfiltration technology in their plants. These trends are likely to positively impact the revenue growth of the global membrane microfiltration market in the coming years.

According to FMI’s forecasts, sales revenue in the membrane microfiltration market is anticipated to reach $8bn by 2028, from an estimated value of around $3.8bn in 2018. A growth rate of 7.8% can be attributed to several factors.

Increasing applications in industrial biotechnology and widespread use of large molecule biopharmaceuticals pushing revenue growth of the global membrane microfiltration market

Membrane microfiltration is finding application in the production of biofuel and biorefineries, which are incorporating this technology to lower overall energy costs and reduce industrial biowaste.

Membrane microfiltration is also increasingly used in biodiesel processes to reuse water, especially in areas of water scarcity. The rising industrial applications of membrane microfiltration are fuelling revenue growth in the global market. Filtration is also a critical component of biopharmaceuticals production, and membrane microfiltration is widely used to remove cellular debris and other cellular colloids.

With a growing adoption of large molecule biopharmaceuticals due to their therapeutic properties, the demand for membrane microfiltration technology in the production of biopharmaceuticals is expected to surge in the near future.

Membrane microfiltration is also extensively used in the food and beverages industry as a technology to separate and purify components and improve the quality and yield of food products. An increasing use in vegetable and fruit juices, fermented dairy products, milk and dairy products, non-alcoholic beverages and other food and beverage products is expected to spur revenue growth of the global membrane microfiltration market to a significant extent.

Membrane microfiltration is also being used in water treatment plants. Membrane microfiltration helps remove unwanted particles from water before the water is treated for purity using other processes such as reverse osmosis. A growing need for quality potable water is further driving the growth of the membrane microfiltration market.

FMI recommends

With newer applications of membrane microfiltration coming to the fore, FMI feels there is a great deal of opportunity for key players operating in the global market.

Water treatment and food and beverages are two important end-use application areas that manufacturers can target with their advanced solution offerings.

China is projected to be the fastest growing regional market for membrane microfiltration in terms of demand for the technology, and manufacturers would be well advised to focus on this region to augment their market share. By setting up robust supply chains in regions that are anticipated to develop at a faster pace in the coming years, manufacturers can benefit from the lucrative opportunities presented by local markets to up their current standing in the global membrane microfiltration market.

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