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Gerresheimer Partners with RxCap to Offer Connected Adherence Solutions

Gerresheimer, an innovative systems and solutions provider and global partner for the pharma, biotech and cosmetics industries, has entered into a partnership with the US digital health company RxCap and acquired a minority stake. Under the terms of the agreement, Gerresheimer’s subsidiary Centor will receive the exclusive distribution rights for pharmacies in the US for adherence solutions by RxCap, consisting of connected prescription vial closure devices and complementary cloud-based software. Centor is the US market leader in prescription vials and is uniquely positioned to enable smart adherence solutions through existing pharmacy workflows.

“The adherence solutions from RxCap is an ideal complement to the Centor prescription vials,” says Tony Haba, Senior Vice-President of Gerresheimer North America. “Solutions for digital therapy support are a future growth market for Gerresheimer. That is why we are increasingly offering our customers innovative solutions consisting of connected primary packaging and digital monitoring platforms. The partnership with RxCap is an excellent example of this.”

“Our mission is to help people stay adherent to their medications and improve their care outcomes,” says Sreeram Ramakrishnan, CEO of RxCap. “By partnering with Centor – an innovative market leader with strong relations with pharmacies, we will be able to grow the number of patients we serve. Moreover, Gerresheimer’s expertise in primary packaging and access to pharmacy leaders will enable us to develop additional adherence solutions that amplify our impact.”

Minority shareholding and seat on the Board of Directors

As part of the partnership, Gerresheimer has acquired a minority stake in RxCap in addition to the exclusive distribution rights for pharmacies in the United States. Gerresheimer will also appoint a representative to RxCap’s Board of Directors.

Remote therapeutic monitoring

Patient adherence to medication is crucial for therapy outcome and can prevent cost-intensive hospitalisations. Digital therapy support is becoming increasingly important in this area, not only through body-worn sensors and apps, but also through connected primary packaging and delivery systems and medication adherence monitoring.

Under the partnership agreement, Centor will offer RxCap’s suite of connected prescription vial closure devices and complementary Cloud-based software to pharmacies to help them monitor their patients’ prescription adherence. These solutions require no additional effort from the patient and can easily be integrated with existing enterprise workflows to manage patient needs effectively.

Using a cellular signal, the RxCap reports to the Cloud-based software platform when the prescription vial has been opened. Pharmacy staff can easily and quickly assess whether the medication has been taken as prescribed and remind the patient to take the medication by text message or phone call.

This partnership will enable pharmacies to quickly launch adherence solutions that can support patients’ health journeys more effectively, with minimal additional investments in their workflow, and create new revenue streams.

RxCap now available for US pharmacies

The RxCap solution is now available for US pharmacies and can be ordered directly from Centor. Centor is thus expanding its product offering in the US, positioning itself in the market for remote therapeutic monitoring and also benefiting from recurring revenues while making a significant impact on patient health outcomes.

For order inquiries and questions, pharmacies can contact Centor at