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Gx InnoSafe – The First Easy-Fill Syringe with Passive Needle Protection System

Nurses are among the occupational groups with the most frequent cuts and puncture wounds. This can lead to infection with dangerous pathogens such as hepatitis B and C viruses or HIV. The Gx InnoSafe safety syringe is the first syringe on the market with an integrated passive safety system. Its function prevents someone from accidentally injuring themselves on an already used syringe by an unintentional needle stick, as the needle is fixed in a sleeve after use. In addition to these unique safety features, a special feature of the Gx InnoSafe syringe is that it can be processed on all existing filling lines without any additional preparation or assembly steps. Furthermore, it complies with all regulations without any additional investment.

“Any bottler (pharmaceutical company) can easily fill the InnoSafe safety syringe on existing syringe filling lines without any investment. It is precisely this feature of the Gx InnoSafe syringe which distinguishes it from conventional safety syringes and makes it a world first,” says Wenzel Novak, Global Senior Director Business Development at Gerresheimer in Bünde.

Simply filled without additional investment

Gx InnoSafe is a passive integrated safety system that prevents unintentional needlestick injuries and eliminates reuse. The tested and simple design eliminates incorrect operation or unwanted triggering of the safety syringe. The safety system is assembled fully automatically in Gerresheimer’s RTF (ready-to-fill) process. The syringes are packaged, sealed and sterilized. The Gx InnoSafe is supplied in the established, ISO-compliant packaging consisting of a nest and tub. Filling equipment adaptation is not required in pharmaceutical filling compared to normal cannula syringes.